Ronnie Diaz’s insane wreck! Modfather Mustang @ NMRA World Finals – Beech Bend Dragway

Yesterday I happened to capture Ronnie Diaz’s wreck in his wicked fast turbo Ford Mustang at the NMRA World Finals in Bowling Green, Kentucky. The annual event is held every year at Beech Bend Dragway. It appears as if Ronnie’s car just suddenly looses traction halfway down the track and sends him into the opposite lane almost clipping the back of his opponents car just before hitting the wall at a speed of well over 100 mph! I’ve been to quite a few races and this is definitely the wildest crash I’ve ever witnessed in person! Luckily he walked away with no injuries. Check out the Mod Motor Mustangs store, all t-shirt proceeds will go to the driver for repairs.

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