Knob Creek Gun Range Fall Machine Gun Shoot 2014 – Night Shoot

Ever wondered what it felt like to stand in the middle of a war zone? Knob Creek Gun Range’s Machine Gun Shoots in the spring and fall of every year would have to be as close as you can get without enlisting. Every year machine gun owners travel from all over the country with some of the most baddest weapons known to man to shoot them at this event. During the night shoot they aim to hit one of the 55 gallon barrels of diesel fuel that you’ll see exploding in the video below. The sound of automatic gun fire echoes through the hills and the aroma of gun powder in the air is overwhelming. If you stand close enough behind the firing line you can actually feel the heat from the explosions and feel the ground shake a bit below your feet. The experience is truly like nothing else and it’s a must see for everyone at least once, you won’t be disappointed.

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