So there’s the constant debate of china bikes being junk and un-ride-able. So last night I decided to throw together a few shots of some chinese clones in action. Of course these bikes aren’t comparable quality to the Jap bikes. The china bikes are made with cheaper grade metal and some of the parts just aren’t durable but I think this video shows that with determination anything is possible. Those who truly want and love to ride will make it happen regardless of brand or model. I’m not suggesting that anyone choose to buy a china clone over a honda or any other brand for that matter but if it’s all you can afford then hey, why not? Go for it and don’t let anyone discourage you. I’ve ridden all types of motorcycles throughout my life and if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that all the money and the nicest bike in the world simply don’t compare to practice and seat time on the bike. So get out there and twist the throttle! Braaap!

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