I thought I lost all of this footage at one point but thanks to my homie Sean and his software I was able to get most of it back but I know I had a shot of one of the landscapers popping a wheelie on the mower that somehow went missing lol. I was still able to put together a really cool edit and include a bulk of bonus footage at the end. I thought now would be a great time to finally finish this edit from lost tapes in 2018 to get everyone just as pumped for 2021. It was really cool to see and edit all the pre covid vibes from this year in stunt riding, such as amazing weekend catching the street ride Friday on my mini(still stolen for anyone wondering),crashing at the homie Mark’s house and smoking out in the garage before the lot sesh on Saturday and then taking the more scenic route how I like to do and catching the ferry boat across the Ohio River to NKY. The lot sesh was super dope and I got so much good footage of friends, the Streetfighterz, and lots of other talent who traveled from far and wide to make this such an epic time and although inspired by something negative, our dude Ian really turned it into such a positive( big props homie). As always thanks for watching and if you enjoyed this video give it a like/share, and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE!

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