So throughout the month of May I’ve rebuilt the top end on my piranha 140cc engine and also been working out all the bugs on my pitbike after hardly riding it since last year. I had to swap carbs and jets along with other things. I also found a loose killswitch wire. It’s been a list of minor problems with it this season and on top of it all I crashed and broke my footpeg bolts which also busted my clutch cover on the right side of the bike. I was lucky enough to have some spare covers around but had to drill the kickstart shaft hole from 14mm to 16mm and swap the seals. Hopefully I have things fixed and ready for this summer now. I created this webisode from all my test runs and trial and error rides this past month. Thanks for watching and hope you enjoyed! If so please give this video a like and share and don’t forget to click SUBSCRIBE for more videos coming soon!

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