For a few years I’ve been wanting to make it to the MTM ride in Grand Rapids. This year I finally had the chance as things fell into place for me with the bike and van all up to par and I’ve been itching to mini mob like no other since there was no DudeDate ride or Rando’s Ride this year. And that being said I think this might make Murder the Mitten the largest mini ride of 2020. Regardless of numbers this was a hella good time and I already can’t wait to make it back next year! This was my 1st serious out of state road trip with the new van considering I haven’t taken it further than about 200 miles from home yet. It was over a 600 mile round trip to Grand Rapids, MI and back to Louisville, KY plus I made plenty of scenic detours while in Michigan and to make things even cooler got my first chance to visit marijuana dispensaries and purchase legal weed. I stayed in the van both nights of the trip and really got a chance to see how my solar setup would work for me over the road and luckily it was really sunny both days and kept all my stuff charged. I had such a killer trip with my dog Zylo and all my local homies who drove up for the ride as well. Most of the footage turned out great despite a few corrupted gopro files and shoutout to Will for the shots from his phone. Big thanks to Jeff and all the ppl who made this ride possible and thanks to all the viewers like you at home for watching! Please give this vid a like and share if you enjoyed and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE for more videos coming soon!

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