I know it’s been a looonnnnggg time since I’ve uploaded a webisode and it was long overdue so here’s episode 1 of 2018. This was just some riding I did today while trying to work bugs out of my carburetor and finding some other issues with my wiring including a lose wire on my cdi plug. I had lots of issues I had to work out on this thing because it’s been nearly a year since I last rode it. I’ve really missed riding this silly little pitbike. This bike is the perfect stress reliever for nearly any day and even though it was raining and cold I still couldn’t resist testing it out and fixing all the little problems to prepare it for this year’s riding season. I’m hopeful to make a lot more webisodes this year like in the past and I have lots of ideas for this season. This episode is really just me riding around the neighborhood because I was too scared of breaking down very far away from my house until I know it’s dependable again lol. I practiced some swerving and did a few scrapes, I was surprised my riding wasn’t more rusty. She seems to be running strong again, can’t wait for warmer weather and more webisodes! Thanks for watching and don’t forget to like, share, and SUBSCRIBE!

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