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Here’s a short vid showing a few of the mountian bike obstacles at the Louisville Mega Cavern underground bike park. I wanted to get more footage of the mountain biking section of the park but didn’t get to due to time and other reasons. I keep seeing lots of requests for more footage of the mountain bike terrain in the park so I thought I’d post up this little bit of stuff I did happen to capture.


Here’s a quick look at some of the mountain bike trails at Louisville Mega Cavern’s indoor bike park! As you can tell from the video some of the trails still have some work to be done but what’s complete so far looks to be very fun.

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Locked Jeep Cherokee XJ Climbing tree

My buddy James was playing around at some local trails one afternoon and decided to try out his new lockers on this tree near the top of a hill. I actually recorded him the second time he tried it and he didn’t make it as far due to already spinning some ruts on the first go around but still very cool to watch and shows the advantage of having locked differentials.

One ton Jeep XJ jumps into tree, doesn’t break!

Bruce Wiles, the original owner and builder of this awesome XJ on one ton axles, takes it for a rough ride up the speed bounty hill at Dirty Turtle Offroad Park in Bedford, Kentucky. The first two attempts are unsuccessful as you can see a good size ledge at the bottom of the hill causes his front wheels to become airborne and not able to steer. The jeep bounces into a pretty good size tree and the Jeep seems to take the hit without damage. A well built rig and good exo-cage allow him a third attempt in which he makes it to the top! The low quality iphone video doesn’t do this monster hill justice but it’s certainly still entertaining to watch.

Custom tube doors – Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ

These are my custom tube doors I built for my Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ. The material is square tubing from some old industrial carts I picked up. They already had a few hinges on them that I reworked to use for the doors in the factory hinge locations and there were already a couple 90 degree bends in the square tubing from some pieces of the cage, I was able to tweak the bends a bit and make them fit my door frames. Then welded them up, added some cross braces and gussets in the bottom corner of each for added support and a finishing touch. I used gate latches to lock the doors in place. Simple yet effective design. I’ve received a lot of compliments on these and I’m very happy with how they turned out. They’re a lot of fun to drive and wheel with.