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Here’s a short vid showing a few of the mountian bike obstacles at the Louisville Mega Cavern underground bike park. I wanted to get more footage of the mountain biking section of the park but didn’t get to due to time and other reasons. I keep seeing lots of requests for more footage of the mountain bike terrain in the park so I thought I’d post up this little bit of stuff I did happen to capture.


Here’s a quick look at some of the mountain bike trails at Louisville Mega Cavern’s indoor bike park! As you can tell from the video some of the trails still have some work to be done but what’s complete so far looks to be very fun.

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So yesterday I got the awesome opportunity of filming the new Louisville Mega Cavern’s bike park before it’s opened to the public. While work is still being done and the park is set to open in January of 2015, the park designer Joe Prisel and a handful of riders took a break from work to let some photographers and videographers capture them in action. The park is located underground inside what was once a limestone quarry and storage for road salt but now will be the world’s largest indoor bike park. Conditions will always be near perfect considering the weather can’t affect your riding nor the terrain and while I was there yesterday it was a very comfortable 58 degrees which it will stay year-round. Being an avid BMX rider as a teenager I was very eager to get inside and have a look at this place and also to see what the park would have to offer. I was very impressed with how challenging the expert level areas were built along with still being very safe in the occurrence of rider error. There were also great lines and trails for all skill sets. I know my skills will be a bit rusty considering I haven’t ridden a BMX bike in a few years but I have no doubt that I’ll be able to have a great time on many of the obstacles when the park opens. I was also extremely impressed with how many different lines and variations could be performed throughout the park, there are literally different lines and jump transfers all over the park which should never leave the riders bored or burnt out on the same repetitive trails or jumps. This park will be huge for the BMX and mountain biking community and not just for the Louisville area, it’s already gaining international attention from as far away as Germany and Australia. Bottom line is this park will be absolutely amazing when finished! I cannot wait for opening day!

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Nolan Gilbert attempts the 200 footer – Dunn’s Playground Motocross

Nolan Gilbert gives the new 210 ft jump at Dunn’s Playground Motocross in Brownsville, Kentucky a try. So far Danny Dunn has been the only person to clear the jump on a CRF450 tapped out in 5th gear. Nolan gives it a try on the CRF250 and just makes it on top of the landing but not to the downside. Time will tell if only 450cc bikes can downside it, I’m curious to see someone try it on a 250cc two stroke.

Stunt bikes in the dirt @ Boo Bash 2014!

Josh Graham and Jason McMillin do some experimenting with dirt tires on their stunt bikes during Dirty Turtle Offroad’s annual Boo Bash weekend! As you may be able to tell from some of the video it was certainly a huge challenge to learn how the bikes would react with knobby tires on a whole new terrain. They start off with some stunt riding, a little drifting, and then head to the motocross track for some high speed fun!

Dude Date Halloween Ride 2014

I finally finished my edit from the Halloween Dude Date footage. Sorry for such the long wait guys, I know I normally have an edit done in 2-3 days but I’ve been super busy with preparing for another event this weekend. A great turnout of riders as always and a great time of course too. The cold weather couldn’t stop the Dude Date crew! Enjoy guys, as I finish this post I’m literally heading out the door for a fun filled weekend of jeeping and filming at DTOR for their annual Boo Bash weekend! Stay tuned!