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This girl’s combos are on point! Killing it at Dude Date 2014

I had a decent amount of footage of this chick from Dude Date and put together a short clip of her riding. I filmed most of it while we were at the Motorcycle Superstore outlet. She was pulling off lots of combos and killing the streets all day. Have a look for yourself below.

Tearing up the streets 9-21-14 – Louisville, Kentucky

I went riding with my boys at One Wheel Nation yesterday along with some other locals and it was a perfect day for some wheelies through downtown Louisville, Kentucky! Weather was amazing minus a few gusts of wind. Check out the edit and how much fun we had below!

Combat Barbie – Dude Date 2014

So after Dude Date 2014 I found that I had enough footage of Barbie to put together this short clip of her doing some riding at various points of the day. This girl has got mad skills on a 50 and a big bike. Yes you read that right, she also rides a Kawasaki 636 fully setup for stunt riding! Watch her kill it on her 50 and check her out on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/CombatBarbieStunts  An awesome rider to film and hope I get to do so again in the future!

POV Lightning Run – Kentucky Kingdom’s new roller coaster!

I got to ride this coaster a week before the park actually opened back up to the public. So I was first of many to get to ride it before the general public ever set foot in the park since my company picnic was held here in May, 2014. I normally am a little biased when it comes to roller coasters since I’ve ridden nearly all the coasters at Cedar Point in Sandusky, OH numerous times. Coasters like Top Thrill Dragster and Millennium Force make coasters at my local parks feel like a county fair ride. So I’ll admit, I was a bit pessimistic in thinking before I got on the ride. Once on the ride I thought the restraints were a little uncomfortable but not awful, I’ve definitely been in worse. The ride started and climbed the first hill at a pretty good pace, I was impressed. First drop, wow, it was steep and fast! More than I was truly expecting for a ride from this park! It went on at a rapid speed pulling some hard G-forces as well as some negative G’s! Turns were sharp and steep! Don’t let it’s size and short ride time fool you, this coaster is intense! Overall I was very impressed and even surprised due to my pessimistic thoughts before getting on the ride and waiting in the very long line. 2 thumbs up to Kentucky Kingdom for actually building a fun and exciting coaster, they finally did something right after all these years! If you love roller coasters, this one is worth your time! Thanks for watching!

PS: This was shot with my gopro hero 3 black edition, no mounts, just holding it (thought I might loose it a time or two). And excuse my lovely fiance’s screaming throughout the video haha!

Stunting the Honda Grom at Dude Date 2014. Wheelies, stoppies, and other stunts compilation!

A handful of brand new Honda Groms showed up for the summer annual Dude Date ride in Louisville, Kentucky. I got to film some of them and see them in action for the first time since Honda released the Grom here in the United States for 2014. These little bikes look like an absolute blast to ride, not to mention they’re 100% street legal and get about 120 MPG! I hope to buy myself one of these in the near future! Enjoy!


I don’t know how he does it, this trick looks extremely hard to pull off! Tyler Gaughan, rider and owner of the 50 Mafia minibike parts and clothing company does a tandem wheelie at Dude Date 2014! Tyler manages to complete a circle wheelie or two while a willing female volunteer from the crowd sits on his shoulders! Amazing!