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Danny Dunn launches 200+ feet – 5th gear pinned!! – Dunn’s Playground Mx

Danny Dunn goes all out and launches his CRF450 over 200 foot in 5th gear on the throttle stop! He’s the first to land the jump that holds the record for largest jump on a PUBLIC motocross track at 210 feet! The jump is located at Dunn’s Playground Motocross in Brownsville, Kentucky. I think it’s safe to say Danny pushes the limits of what’s possible on a 450cc motocross bike. This kid has got balls! Please like and share!

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Stunt bikes in the dirt @ Boo Bash 2014!

Josh Graham and Jason McMillin do some experimenting with dirt tires on their stunt bikes during Dirty Turtle Offroad’s annual Boo Bash weekend! As you may be able to tell from some of the video it was certainly a huge challenge to learn how the bikes would react with knobby tires on a whole new terrain. They start off with some stunt riding, a little drifting, and then head to the motocross track for some high speed fun!

Dude Date Halloween Ride 2014

I finally finished my edit from the Halloween Dude Date footage. Sorry for such the long wait guys, I know I normally have an edit done in 2-3 days but I’ve been super busy with preparing for another event this weekend. A great turnout of riders as always and a great time of course too. The cold weather couldn’t stop the Dude Date crew! Enjoy guys, as I finish this post I’m literally heading out the door for a fun filled weekend of jeeping and filming at DTOR for their annual Boo Bash weekend! Stay tuned!

Lot Day 10/26/14 – Louisville Bikelife

Sunday Stuntday sure did have a great turnout of riders this past weekend. Big bikes, little bikes, it was all there and everyone was getting in seat time. It was a fun day and one of the best lot days I’ve been to in a long while. I hope the recent trend continues. The past two weekends I’ve filmed tons of great footage and more than I could ever pack into a short edit, but I tried my best anyway haha.