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Dunn’s Playground Mx 11-15-14 Video Edit

Danny Dunn, Nolan Gilbert, and other various riders in some 2 wheel action at Dunn’s Playground Motocross in Brownsville, Kentucky. I did some black and white editing in this vid which I haven’t done in a while. It felt good to film some dirt bikes considering I haven’t done it in so long and motocross is what got me into filming. Enjoy!

Nolan Gilbert attempts the 200 footer – Dunn’s Playground Motocross

Nolan Gilbert gives the new 210 ft jump at Dunn’s Playground Motocross in Brownsville, Kentucky a try. So far Danny Dunn has been the only person to clear the jump on a CRF450 tapped out in 5th gear. Nolan gives it a try on the CRF250 and just makes it on top of the landing but not to the downside. Time will tell if only 450cc bikes can downside it, I’m curious to see someone try it on a 250cc two stroke.

Danny Dunn launches 200+ feet – 5th gear pinned!! – Dunn’s Playground Mx

Danny Dunn goes all out and launches his CRF450 over 200 foot in 5th gear on the throttle stop! He’s the first to land the jump that holds the record for largest jump on a PUBLIC motocross track at 210 feet! The jump is located at Dunn’s Playground Motocross in Brownsville, Kentucky. I think it’s safe to say Danny pushes the limits of what’s possible on a 450cc motocross bike. This kid has got balls! Please like and share!

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